FEBRUARY 6, 2023 – GREENSBORO, NC – Cone Health Heart & Vascular Center hosted its second annual Women’s Heart Symposium on Friday, Feb. 3. Hundreds of women attended the event, which was open to the public in person and streamed online for virtual attendees. One in three women dies of heart disease and stroke every year, most of which are preventable. Prevention begins with education. “At Cone Health, we are passionate about good health and having a healthy community,” says Dr. Mary Jo Cagle, chief executive officer of Cone Health. “We know that women make 80% of the health care decisions in their family’s lives. Today, we offer information to help women make more informed decisions about their own health and in the service of others who they love.” Cone Health physicians and pharmacists took the podium to share more about heart disease, common symptoms and risk factors for women, and how important it is to implement heart-healthy habits into daily life. Key takeaways included: ● Establishing a health care team is the first line of defense for heart-related events and diabetes. ● While some risk factors for heart disease (like age, family history, and ethnicity) cannot change, other risk factors can be managed and dramatically impact health, including nutrition, physical activity and taking medicines as prescribed. ● Some heart diseases display no symptoms, especially in women, so it’s essential to schedule health screenings at least once a year. ● Every heart-healthy habit counts, no matter how small. For example, adding a 10-minute walk to a routine or replacing a soda with water can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. The event ended with free health screens for attendees on-site and an opportunity to ask questions with presenters and staff. “A future with fewer heart attacks is possible,” says Dr. Kardie Tobb, cardiologist, who led planning for the women’s heart forum. “We at the Cone Health Heart & Vascular Center are committed to supporting communities across our region through health education and world-class care.” To learn more about the Heart & Vascular Center or find a physician, visit www.conehealth.com/services/heart-vascular-care.